Friday, February 6, 2015

An lam thiam teh mai lutuk

 Classroom zirna ngawr ngawr a ni lo. Co-scholastic area lamah pawh hmasawn a ngai a, zai leh lam thiam zir hi a pawimawh. Art hi chi hrang hrang a awm avangin zirlaite talent hriata chumi tihhmasawn chu zirna hian a keng tel. Sawi sawi a ngai lo lam la a tawk. Lehkhathiam aia zai leh lam thiam ngaisang zawk hi tun dinhmunah Mizoramah an tam daih zawk awm e. Zai leh lam hian kan emotion hi a thur chhuak thei ber a lo ni. Mihring nuna bet tlat thil pahnih, kan thlan kan thlen thlenga min chim reng tur chu a nih avangin khawr lutuk lo tal tura kan inzir ve reng a ngai tlang awm asin.

Kan model inti-chhe lo deuh deuh te

Tunlaiah zet hi chuan modelling ringawtah pawh ei hmu theih a ni ve ta. Lehkha zirna hian kawng engkima mahni inhai veng thei tura mihring siam hi a tum ber a ni a, Mizo model kan nei nual tawh a, zaithiam leh lam thiam chenin an kat ta nuk a, hmun hla zawk thlenga zahpuiawm lo an ni ve ta nuk mai. Co-curricular activities zingah hian modelling leh cat walk lam thleng hian a khung theih vek mai. Solfa zir atanga Aloha thlengin a huam thei. Heng zawng zawng hi hun awm remchan dan azira zir thin a ni a, Mizo model tha tak chher chhuak lo pawhin hetiang hun hman hian hlimna tam tak he hring nunah hian a thlen ve tho mai. Tum vuau reng tur a ni law.

Nuchhungi English Medium School, Hnahthial Logo

Nuchhungi English Medium School - at a glance

Nuchhungi English Medium School is an English Medium School , located in Hnahthial, Lunglei District, Mizoram . It is a Private School . The exact Address of the schools is Peniel Veng,Hnahthial , Lunglei District , Mizoram . PIN- 796571 . It is a renowned private school  Established in 2000 . A total of 14 batches have completed elementary education in this School from the past 14 years . Classes running in this School are upto 8 th and it is Co-educational School . In terms of number of students enrolled per school, it has been the biggest school in Hnahthial during the past few years till now. The school was founded in the year 2000 by K.Lalhunmawia, who since then has been the principal of this comprehensive school consisting of Primary and Middle sections. (A short biography of the Principal will be published soon)
Since its establishment in 2000, the school has been attempting to give quality education to the youngsters in and around Hnahthial.In the beginning of its inception, there were classes up to standard 4 only, but in 2003 standard 7 was opened and Board Examination was faced at standard 7 level by the students, thus becoming the first English Medium School in Hnahthial that has ever faced examinations conducted by any Boards. In 2005, a permission to open school was obtained from the Gov’t of Mizoram and later in 2010, the school was recognized by Mizoram Board of School Education.
With the introduction of a new system of education by the Gov’t of Mizoram consequent upon Right to Education Act, 2009, Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation System of education is being given to students of Nursery to standard 8. As it is a school based system, the school authorities usually decide on what and how to do.
Besides the normal classroom learning process, different co-curricular activities such as sports, music, aloha, dancing, solfa, etc are taught to help the children get prepared to face the challenges of human life. Forty two mistakes found in the text books were brought to the knowledge of the Mizoram Board of School Education and corrections were made by the Board right away.
The motto of the school ‘Good understanding giveth favour’ is a line taken from the Bible. It is the desire of the school to help children learn by insight.